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Venture Capital

We are a team of experienced founders and operators leveraging our expertise, networks, and fund capital to back exceptional companies at the earliest stages.

    Geographical Impact

    International Investments

    We go where traditional venture capitalists don't. We've invested in more than 50 cities worldwide and have regular contact with VCs in nearly 100 cities.

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    Buffalo, New York
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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Mexico City, Mexico
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    São Paulo, Brazil
    Why We're Here

    Our commitment is to be the early support for founders we wish we had.

    As experienced operators, our mission is to be the most helpful first-check investor to exceptional founders everywhere. We leverage our experience and networks to support ambitious entrepreneurs at the earliest stages with capital, connections, and care. We have a natural affinity for founders who face the same challenges we did—underdogs who lack the frameworks, relationships, and access to capital that are essential for building great businesses.



    We are a high-conviction investor, providing meaningful early checks that allow founders to close rounds quickly and get back to doing what they do best—build great companies.
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    We’re bringing together a community of experienced founders, operators, mentors, experts, and capital providers to help our companies move faster—together.
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    We know the founder's journey is not easy. We build lasting founder-investor relationships, grounded in trust and empathy. We're there for our founders through thick and thin—really.
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    Words From Our Founders

    Who We Are

    Founder First Ethos

    We are experienced founders, operators, investors, mentors, and community builders with diverse expertise that collectively shapes an expansive market view and aligns around a founder-first ethos. We worked with some of the leading names in startups, technology, and venture capital, have made hundreds of direct investments as angels and LPs, and have helped thousands more entrepreneurs as mentors, advisors, and startup community leaders.  

    Jonathan Fentzke

    Co-Founder and General Partner

    Jack Greco

    Co-Founder and General Partner

    Ian Hathaway

    Co-Founder and General Partner
    How We Invest

    An Early-Check Partner

    We are an early-check partner to exceptional founders developing disruptive software and business model innovations ripe for mass adoption. We invest at the pre-seed and seed stages, targeting 5% ownership at entry, strong early momentum, and the potential to become a market leader with a large exit. We focus on investments that leverage our past success and experience: marketplaces, financial technology, and enterprise platforms in traditionally overlooked markets. We find and support the best founding teams creating the software infrastructure for a modern economy.

    Pre-Seed & Seed at entry; follow-on through Series A

    Traditionally overlooked markets in The Americas

    $250K-$500K (Pre-Seed);
    $500K-$1M (Seed)

    Marketplaces, FinTech, Enterprise & Vertical SaaS



    marked by a considerable departure from the conventional or traditional.

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